Elsker Quiz

Which Norse god is THE ONE for you?

Ull isn't the only god in Asgard -- though he's definitely our favorite! Take this quiz to see which god is THE ONE for you. Ull, the Norse God of Winter, Gunnar, the Asgardian Assassin, or Bragi, the Norse God of Poetry.

  1. Today Was A Fairytale. What is your idea of the perfect date?
  2. (A) A romantic banquet in a castle followed by a moonlit walk. Steamy make-out session optional.
    (B) A day snowboarding on the slopes of Hemsedal followed by an evening in front of the fire. 
    (C)An evening lecture at the local bookstore and a picnic under the stars.
  1. Walk Personality, Talk Personality. Describe your dream guy’s demeanor in one word?
  2. (A) Stoic
    (B) Fun
    (C) Thoughtful
  3. It’s The End Of The (mythological) World As We Know It. What’s the last meal you want to eat?
  4. (A) Pot roast and apple pie
    (B) Sliders and french fries
     Chilean Sea Bass in a lemongrass sauce, with cous-cous and baked asparagus
  5. One Love. You're stuck on a desert island and can only bring two things. Your ideal man would suggest:
  6. (A) A grill so he can cook you fresh fish every night, and a broadsword to protect you... just in case.
    (B) A surfboard and a solar powered jet ski -- you can trade off.
     A copy of Yeats complete works and a bookshelf. Because his love for you speaks volumes, baby.
  7. What Makes You Beautiful. You ask your date what he likes best about you. His reply?
  8. (A) Everything. You're perfect exactly the way you are.
    (B) Your go-getter attitude and your love of life. (Your rockin' body doesn't hurt, either!)
     Your mind. Smarts are sexy.
    1. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Describe your dream ring:
    2. (A) Timeless and classic - a simple band of diamonds.
      (B) Blinged out - a three carat princess cut solitaire on a platinum band.
       The heirloom -- the ring that saw Grandma and Grandpa through sixty years of wedded bliss. 
    Who did you pick?
    If you chose mostly Cs then you'd be perfect for Bragi! The Norse God of poetry is sweet and sensitive. He'll cook you dinner and praise your latest literary masterpiece. He may not fight off the dark elves at Ragnarok, but he'll write one spectacular Edda about the battle.

    If you chose mostly Bs then you'd be perfect for Gunnar! The longtime Asgardian Assassin is Captain of the Elite Team, but his favorite thing to do is show his girl a good time. He lives for extreme sports and extreme fun. He may not have the greatest insights on your manuscript, but he'll have you in stitches reading it to you in silly voices.

    If you chose mostly As then you'd be perfect for Ull! The Asgardian Assassin and Norse God of Winter is as traditional as he is hot. He'll pull out all the stops to sweep you off your feet, and never let you forget that you're HIS. Don't let his controlling nature fool you -- he wants nothing more than to love you with every fiber of his immortal being.

     So tell me in the comments - which Norse god did YOU choose?


    1. Yay, it's Ull for me. I knew it :-)

    2. I love it ladies! I totally scored Ull too. I'm going to have a hard time convincing Kristia I'm not after her man, with all this Crush Tourney fun. ;)

    3. I got mostly A for my answers. Yeah, I get Ull. :)

    4. This was a great idea!! I love it!

    5. i have mostly a so Ull it is i am good with that