Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's #NACrushTourney14 time! Ull's match is live HERE, and he really, really needs your vote! He's up against a USA Today bestselling book boyfriend, so he needs every single bit of help he can get. You can help our favorite Norse god by:

(1) Going to and voting for ULL!

(2) Sharing a tweet or FB post showing your support for Ull. Feel free to include any of our lovely #Drool4Ull graphics.

(3) Tell your friends, family, mom, mailman, mailman's mom to head over to the tourney and VOTE ULL! Then collect your I VOTED sticker. See? Ull's fun. ;)

It's been an absolute thrill to be in this tournament for a second year. Ull's a little fish in the big New Adult pond, and I'm super grateful to have the chance to enter this contest at all. Mange takk to Ull's AMAZING advocate, our Valkyrie Captains, and the entire RagnaRockstar Street Team for EVERYTHING y'all have done to get our boy this far. And thank you to all the readers and friends who voted for the God of Winter. We know we wouldn't be here without each and every one of you, and we are beyond grateful.

Skal, y'all!

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