Saturday, June 28, 2014

NA Crush Tourney 14 and My Apologies

Hei hei, y'all. Mange takk to the readers, bloggers, and friends who turned out to support Ull in his Crush Tourney match. He lost to an erotic bestseller... but only by 8%. For a waffle-baking, sticker-giving Norse god, that's not too shabby. And it's all because of your love and support. Thank you!!

We usually like to keep things pretty lighthearted around here. But I've gotten a LOT of messages from you about the circumstances surrounding this year's NA Crush Tourney, and we need to get serious for a minute. I just want you all to know, I'm sorry.

I'm REALLY sorry.

We all know certain genres of New Adult books contain pretty hawt content. We expect it when we pick up some genres (steamy contemps and eroticas), and we don't expect it when we pick up others (sweet romances and some specs). The beauty of writing in an emerging category is that there's room for ALL tastes and heat levels in our growing community, and we can all appreciate and RESPECT each other. Some of my best friends write the kind of content that would make Ull turn fifty shades of bright red (wouldn't that be funny to see!), and I cheer for their stories, just as they cheer for Ull as a family friendly book-boyfriend. We know what we expect when we pick up each other's books. And I know Ull's readers expect a certain kind of content from him. I take your expectations of my content very seriously, and I would never knowingly violate your trust. But when I asked you to click through to NA Alley to vote for him on Thursday, I unwillingly exposed you to some EXTREMELY graphic imagery in his competitor post. And for that, I am truly sorry.

I know a lot of you are upset. And I know a lot of your anger is directed at NA Alley. Please know, the decision to allow R-rated graphics in the posts without providing some kind of click-through-for-consent was a decision made by a small committee at NA Alley, and not the Alley as a whole. I have been assured the Tourney will be run very differently moving forward. I know this doesn't make up for the images I exposed you and your followers to, and for that I am truly sorry. But please know I hold the Alley in the highest regard, both as a pioneer in NA Literature, and as a resource for the writing community. And I know they are going to continue to break new ground and champion New Adult literature for all of us -- while being respectful of readers and writers alike.

Ull and I truly appreciate your support. Feel free to contact us with your ongoing concerns. We hear you, and we are so very sorry.



  1. Shame he lost - but heck I guess there are a lot of Erotic lovers out there! I normally go for Dark haired hunks but your Ull has wormed his way into my list along with Alex ;D

    1. Yay! But what about Hiddy? Have we roped you onto Team Hiddy yet? ;)

  2. No need to apologize. I was not upset about the material or the photos - just felt weird about sharing the link on a YA blog. Fortunately, no one reads it :)