Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kristia Has A Wedding Dress!

Kristia has a wedding dress! In what might have been the closest competition ever, Dress #1 very narrowly beat out Dress #4 to take its place in Elsker history. 

Congratulations Dress #1 and Aly of White Zin Bookends

When Kristia walks down the aisle in this amazing number, she'll definitely make Ull drool. 

But since the race for the winning gown was so close, I think Kristia needs to wear two gorgeous gowns on her big day. When she leaves for her honeymoon with her Norse god, she'll change into a shortened version of dress #4. Won't a knee-length version of this make the ultimate going away dress? 

 Aly and Christina , your dresses scored a place in Elsker history. Thank you!

Thank you to the champions who advocated for all four gorgeous gowns, and to the readers who voted on Kristia's behalf. She's going to look amazing on her wedding day, and I'm so grateful y'all took part in choosing her gown(s)! 


  1. Congrats Aly and Cristina. All of the champions but on a great show. I enjoyed seeing all of your Elsker memes this week. Enjoy Endre ladies!

  2. Such a cool idea for a competition! "Um, is that my sweater you're wearing?" LOL...

    1. That made me laugh too! This competition was a hoot! I particularly like the model Aly cast as Gunnar. Not even a little bit unattractive. ;)

  3. Its a good post..keep posting and update wedding dresses..