Monday, July 1, 2013

Vote #TeamULL at the #NACrushTourney RIGHTNOW!

It's here! Voting day for the #NACrushTourney! Voting is live until midnight EST TODAY, JULY 2, so pretty please with nutella on top go to 
and cast your vote for ULL. You get one vote per IP address, so tell your hubby, your neighbor, your barista, anyone you can think of! Our favorite Norse god is up against a NYT Bestseller, so he needs every vote he can get.

#TeamUll member KA Last put together the most amazing video in support of our guy. I watched it so many times I thought I broke the clip. And yes, I cried every single time. KA's an absolute genius -- and she's available for book trailers/covers through KILA Designs!

And go RIGHT NOW to and VOTE FOR ULL!!!

Now on to the sappy stuff. Hey, it's me. You knew it was coming. ;)

I'm feeling so many things today. Excited that Ull got to participate in the NA Crush Tourney at all -- he was a huge longshot, and I'm so thankful to every single person who voted him in. Floored that our guy's in an actual competition with a New York Times bestseller! And a little sad -- there's a pretty good chance we've only got one round in this deal, and it has been SO MUCH FUN playing with the awesome advocates and team members over at #TeamUll. I honestly couldn't think of a time I've had more fun 'working'. Ever. 

But mostly, I feel tremendous gratitude. Thank you Stacey Nash, for stepping in as Ull's chief advocate. You devoted countless hours to getting Ull's name out there and I will never be able to thank you enough. And thank you to the Aus-some girls of Aussie Owned and Read, who jumped right in alongside Stacey as Ull's official advocates. Lauren, Sharon, Cassandra, Katie, Suse, KA, Emily -- you contributed your remarkable talents in so many ways; from your banners and limericks to your blog posts, reviews, epic trailer, and the sea of matching Ull avatars that haunted everyone's twitter feeds. Thank you for letting me be an honorary Aussie this week. I have mad love for y'all.

Thank you to every single member of #TeamUll. Your memes, tweets, blog posts, shares, and absolute dedication to our boy have blown me away. I'm beyond humbled that y'all would put yourselves out there for me. Ull and I have a special thank you cooked up. It will be on the #TeamUll facebook page at the end of voting day -- we hope you like it. (Don't worry, we'll get it to you via e-mail if you're not on facebook.)

It's been a fantastic journey. And I'm just so appreciative that I've gotten to be a part of NA Alley's first ever NA Crush Tourney!  Now get out there and VOTE FOR ULL! If you need one more reason, well...


Update: Oh... and guess what just happened on twitter? You'll never believe it. 
Holy cow! How awesome is that??? Abbi Glines tweeted us!!! Like, bestselling author, Rush's maker, absolute creative genius Abbi Glines! #TeamUll, I heart you so hard. Thank you for every single thing you've done. Every. Single. Thing.   


  1. Gosh, you made me tear up reading your thank you. I've had a blast too, it's been so much fun getting to know you better and advocating Ull. Fingers crossed we get another shot at this next week. Xx

  2. Gratulerer team Ull! What an amazing support!

  3. That's awesome, girl! Yaay! I voted~ <3

  4. Thank you so much everybody! What an amazing journey it's been!