Thursday, June 13, 2013

Holy Cow

It's been kind of a pinch-me type of week. First there was that amazing Alexander-Skarsgard-signing-my-book deal. 

For more pictures and the whole story, read the post HERE

Then I got the phenomenal news that Ull landed a spot in NA Alley's NA Crush Tourney

I was so excited I literally fell off my chair. Don't worry, I'm okay. But holy cow!  Ull's name is on a list of swoon-worthy New Adult heroes that includes JA Redmerski's Andrew, Tammara Webber's Lucas, Cora Carmack's Garrick... our Ull is on that list y'all!!!  OUR ULL!!!  A ginormous thank you to every single person who voted him on there. I am so beyond touched that you love him as much as I do, and I can never thank you enough for helping him get into the finals. Seeing his name next to those hunky book boyfriends from actual bestselling books was just... well, you can see why I fell off my chair.

To top the awesome week off, tonight I got to participate in #NALitChat ! I had an absolute blast talking with David, EJ and the @NALitChat crew. You can listen to the stream at...

... or check out for all kinds of fabulous New Adult info. #NALitChat runs Thursday nights on Twitter at 9pm EST, and it's a fantastic resource for all things New Adult.

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